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what exactly are MCQs? Well, think of them as a game of choices! Multiple Choice Questions are a type of assessment where you’re given a question and a set of options. Your task is to pick the correct answer from the provided choices. It’s like solving a little puzzle to find the right piece!

For your upcoming CCC exam, these MCQs will be your companions. They cover various aspects of computer concepts, ranging from basic operations to applications and internet usage. These questions are designed to test your understanding of the fundamental concepts you’ve been learning in your CCC course.

Why MCQs?

Now, you might be wondering, “Why do we need MCQs?” Well, they are an effective way to assess your knowledge quickly. In the CCC exam, you’ll encounter a series of MCQs that challenge your grasp of computer basics. They allow you to showcase what you’ve learned and help your teachers understand where you might need a bit more guidance.

What is CCC Test for Students?

Moving on, let’s talk about the CCC test itself. CCC stands for Computer Concept Course, and it’s a certification program aimed at giving you a solid foundation in computer knowledge. The test evaluates your understanding of various computer-related topics covered during the course.

The CCC test includes questions that gauge your knowledge of basic computer operations, software applications, and internet usage. Successfully passing the CCC test not only reflects your proficiency in using computers but also provides you with a valuable certification that can open doors to numerous opportunities in the digital world.

How to Prepare for CCC Exam:

To prepare for the CCC exam, make sure you review all the concepts covered in your course. Practice with sample MCQs to get a feel for the question format and to reinforce your understanding of the topics. Use the resources provided by your teachers and make the most of your learning experience.

Remember, the CCC exam is not just about passing a test – it’s about acquiring skills that will serve you well in this technology-driven world.

In conclusion, embrace the challenge of MCQs, and approach the CCC test with enthusiasm. Your dedication to mastering these computer concepts will not only make you successful in the exam but will also equip you with valuable skills for the future.

Keep learning and exploring the world of computers, and soon, you’ll find yourself navigating the digital landscape with confidence!

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Welcome to your Online CCC Test for beginner Hindi

कम्प्युटर का आविष्कार किसने किया था ?

कम्प्युटर के मुख्य पार्ट है ?

निम्न मे से कौन सा इनपुट डिवाइस है ?

कम्प्युटर के प्रथम पीढ़ी का आविष्कार कब हुआ था ?

पहला इलेक्ट्रानिक कम्प्युटर किस नाम से जाना जाता है ?

प्रथम जनरेशन के कम्प्युटर में कौन सी लैग्वेज का प्रयोग किया जाता था ?

प्रथम जनरेशन के कम्प्युटर मे स्टोरेज डिवाइस के रुप में क्या प्रयोग किया जाता था ?

फंक्शन की संख्या कितनी होती है ?

निम्न मे से आउटपुट डिवाइस कौन सा है ?

पीसी का फुल फार्म होता है

निम्न मे से कम्प्युटर का ब्रेन किसे कहते है ?

OMR का फुल फार्म होता है

माउस में लेफ्ट राइट और स्क्राल बटन होता है ?

स्टोरेज डिवाइस के रुप में सबसे पहले फ्लापी डिस्क का प्रयोग किया गया था ?

सीडी में डिवीसी से अधिक डेटा स्टोर किया जाता है ?

भारत का पहला सुपर कम्प्युटर है ?

प्रथम जनरेशन के कंम्युटर को ठंडा करने के लिए कुलर की आवश्यकता पड़ती थी।

इसमे से प्राइमरी मेमोरी कौन सा है ?

निम्न मे से टॉगल की कौन सा है

कंप्युटर साक्षरता दिवस कब मनाया जाता है ?

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